Frederik Hardrup

Lillebaelt University of Applied Science (EAL)

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Film & Animation

October 24, 2016

ViR – Promovideo

This is a promotion video for my 2nd. semester project. If you are interested in different animations and storytellings, you can see the whole project in “my works”.  

October 21, 2016


A promo video of my first project with unity3D, it’s a western civilization.

October 20, 2016

E-Sport Documentary

Im really proud of this project, this is my 1st semester project i did with Piet. It’s a showcase about the history of E-sports.

October 19, 2016

Animated Story Telling

Im a huge fan of anime. The way you make pictures come alive and include music and voice overs. I am working on some different videos atm.

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5000 Odense C, Denmark

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Phone: + 45 51919792